Blogging doesn't come naturally to me the way throwing up a FB post does...or a tweet. None of these take away from fiction writing. Well. Perhaps I could lay off a bit, especially as I find I'm consumed by the fire of politics these days. That fire in the belly threatens to spread. There is such a fine line anyway between personal and public. I prefer to hide behind characters. Bethany Ball is a kind of construct as well and a different Bethany Ball posts on FB (friendly) than on Twitter (more acerbic). Or just a different facet of the same person. 

With trial and error, maybe I'll get used to it.

At the moment, there's a nor'easter bearing down on New York. We didn't have such a thing in Michigan. We had blizzards and tornados. I love the drama of a tornado warning, heading to the basement when the sirens sounded. But I love the word nor'easter. I love extreme weather, but I prefer my politics serene.