Politics & Prose

My dear friend Steven sent me a Louis CK video via Facebook today. I love Louis Ck. I turn away from his missteps and I hope the rumors aren't true. His last show on FX is full of episodes that are like short stories. Surprising, honest, real and magical. He's human and deeply flawed.  

And then my friend wrote: Get back to work. He wrote: Just keep writing. Stop fretting about the fucking president and how good looking Trudeau is.

But it's hard, isn't it? to slip into make believe land these days. Every morning I reach for my phone. I check Twitter and Facebook. I'm looking for information, for hope, for good news. I'm addicted to the news cycle in a way I've never been before. I know more about the political process than I ever have before and it's bringing out, in some ways, the worst in me. The know-it-all. The media addict. The one who wants to be on top of info, and disseminating it and even, my worst habit really, giving advice.

So I drag myself away. Or try to. For a moment at least. I add the administration to my current book. A backdrop. A way to keep my eye on what's going on. To not feel wholly irrelevant during those moments when I'm not keenly concentrated on the political landscape.