Judy Blume likes the Solomons!

I think this might be the greatest compliment I've ever received on my book. A week ago, Judy Blume sent me a private message through Twitter telling me she liked my book. I was so shocked I shouted out loud. My fourteen year old, who read all the Fudge books, was even impressed (very hard to impress a 14 year old). And because it was a private message, I eventually filed it away.

Today, my friend (and label mate) Olivia Clare posted an article from the New York Times. Judy Blume recommending my book (along with Sarah Gerard and Jami Attenberg--amazing company!). You can read it here

Judy Blume is a seminal writer for me. Absolutely no one meant more to me as a lonely only child.  She was realer than real. She was a friend.