The Common at Nuyorican

This might have been my favorite reading so far. I read with Honor Moore, Mensah Demary, and Cortney Lamar Charleston and it was at the Nuyorican! A place I used to go when I was in my twenties and listen to Poetry slams. You can see the issue and read my story in The Common here. They have a brand new website, so check it out.

My friend Job Christenson came and I was delighted as always to see him. He was a college roommate in Ann Arbor in a big Victorian house. Living in the house there was me, a guy who became my boyfriend for a while, three lesbians and two gay guys. Job was a musical theater major and he was the biggest talent University of Michigan had. He left school a semester early after he got into Cats on Broadway and moved to NYC. My boyfriend and I had moved to Santa Fe, and broken up. Job called me from Times Square and told me I had to get to NYC asap, that he had a two bedroom, and he'd rent one of them to me. I got a job at Henry Holt (where I was a TERRIBLE editorial assistant. If you are an unhappy and/or terrible editorial assistant somewhere out there--life gets better, I promise!) and the rest is memories and history. Some of which I'll be visiting in my second book, which takes place partly in NYC in the year 1999....

Thanks so much, Job, and to Kate Schmier, Sandra Hong, Jonathan Segol and my amazing agent, Duvall, for coming out. Thank you Jennifer Acker for being such a bright literary light, accepting my story, asking me to read and creating such a lovely community. I always have a good time at Common events.

And, reading gets easier each time I do it. This time I didn't even have to sip my tiny flask of whiskey.

(And I bought this great tote!)