Center for Fiction Short List

So excited to be on the Center for Fiction Short List! What a thrill and an honor. I'd just taken my seat on an airplane at LAX when my wonderful editor at Grove, Katie Raissian, called to give me the news. Everything in publishing is done, as you can imagine, over email so when your editor calls you it's either really terrible news, or fantastic news. So happy it was the latter! 

I'm also exited to announce I've been invited to attend the Miami Book November 12th through the 19th. Miami holds a very special place in my heart. My son was born there on Miami Beach (with a midwife who is in the Guiness Book of World Records for the most live births outside of a hospital!) and for a while we lived in Coral Gables just a block away from Books and Books. I didn't realize at the time what an institution Books and Books is, or Mitchell Kaplan, but that place was my home away from home. Many afternoons, I walked down to the cafe to peruse books and magazines and work on my own book. Mitchell and his wife were generous and warm and were totally nonplussed while my son tore away at the free newspapers and periodicals kept at the bottom of the news stands. 

I also met what would become my son's god mother, Dafne in Miami. She was born in Cuba and came over to the United States when she was fourteen. Of all the people who say, "You need to write my story," Daf is the only person who I will one day take her up on it. She is in every way an extraordinary person. Can't wait to get back to Books and Books and have some Cuban chicken soup, which is what I lived off of for the majority of my pregnancy.