Bethany Ball lives in New York. her recent book, what to do about the solomons, was released in April 2017 from Grove Atlantic. HER FORTHCOMING TITLE GOOD ETHOS, WILL BE RELEASED FROM GROVE ATLANTIC IN 2020.


"There’s nothing more exciting as a bookseller (or a reader) than discovering a new writer who creates memorable characters in a setting we don’t see every day. Funny, sexy, and smart.”―Judy Blume, New York Times  "Summer Reading Recommendations, From 6 Novelists Who Own Bookstores"

“Like any Jewish story worth the salt that Lot’s wife became, [What to Do About the Solomons] is admirably and quite beautifully rooted in 20th century history―and yet, at the same time, it largely steers clear of the politics that, from one angle or another, drag down so many contemporary novels...[Ball] works hard to render each [character] with sensitivity and respect, a dedication that also makes her fabulously unafraid to mark her characters with signs of psychosis and brutality... I ended What to Do About the Solomons absolutely swimming with affection, not just for the characters but for the multiple worlds that created them. Despite their collective penchant for psychodrama , there’s something profoundly lovely―and loving―about the Solomons.  And about Bethany Ball’s debut.”―Alana Newhouse, New York Times Book Review





 A New York Times Editors' Choice and one of "10 New Books We Recommend This Week"